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Michael Carducci is an internationally award winning magician and Mentalist whose performances have taken him around the world.

His repertoire has been developed and honed for over 18 years of professional performances for audiences in over a dozen countries across three continents

From high-society events in Dubai to private parties in Spain and France; to the day 3 keynote of the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Confer; to trade shows in Holland, England, San Francisco, Nashville and Las Vegas; to Cruise ships in Sweden and Finland; Hospitality suites in Abu Dhabi; corporate events in Italy;England, USA… all the way to the FA Cup Final in Wales in 2005 for Manchester United’s most valued “Premier Partners!”

Quite frankly, Michael has dedicated his life to creating the most entertaining and astonishing performances, regardless of scale. His painstaking attention to detail and unique understanding of technique, psychology and human behavior have set him apart from his peers and into a class of his own. You can rest assured that you are booking a skilled professional with love for and dedication to his craft as well as an enduring passion for performing the most entertaining and astonishing magic and mentalism.

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It’s my goal to ensure your guests experience an unforgettable evening of entertainment, and that you get the very most from your investment. If you feel that you may not be able to satisfy these requirements, please call Michael or his team at 877-746-2442

These requirements apply to stage performances only

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Pre-Introduction Recommendations:

  • (If meal has been served) Ensure staff have completed clearing dinner plates
    and dessert/coffee has been served
  • Ensure background music is stopped
  • Request any guests seated with their backs to the performance area turn their
    chairs around to avoid straining their necks
  • Please leave the microphone on Michael’s stage table for use during the show.


“Ladies and Gentlemen, our featured entertainment tonight is an
internationally award-winning magician whose unique blend of
magic, entertainment and comedy has taken him to over one-dozen
countries spanning three continents.
It is my pleasure to welcome to the stage, Michael Carducci!”

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